Announcing the launch of EmTraG

The European Metabolomics Training Coordination Group (EmTraG) was formed in 2016 by scientists with a passion for training in metabolomics. It was created to address the considerable need to harmonise the rapidly expanding portfolio of metabolomics training courses in Europe.

EmTraG’s mission is to harmonise metabolomics training across Europe in order to improve its scientific coverage, geographical reach, quality and impact, thereby empowering the next generation of analytical, computational and applied metabolomics scientists.

EmTraG will seek close harmonisation with ELIXIR (and the ELIXIR Training Platform) at a European level and the Metabolomics Society at an international level. We intend that will serve as the principal European web portal for training associated with metabolomics science.


EmTraG was launched on 21-22 July 2016 at a workshop at the University of Birmingham, UK, with 17 attendees from 5 countries. The workshop was funded by ELIXIR-UK.